American Marine Reinsurance Syndicate

Simon & Shevawn’s reinsurance expertise has evolved from their international careers with over 65 years combined experience.

Shevawn Barder American Marine Reinsurance
Simon Barder American Marine Reinsurance Syndicate


Shevawn started her career in 1986 at Lloyd’s of London, as a Graduate Trainee Broker with Willis Faber in Non-marine Casualty insurance.  Shevawn was a Lloyd’s Broker in the casualty market for 10 years working for Willis Faber, Alexander Howden and Sedgwick Insurance Brokers before moving to underwriting.


As a co-founder of Marine Re Shevawn has been the strategic driving force behind the success of the operation acting as President and Chief Operating Officer since the MGA's inception.


Now in the role of CEO Shevawn's mandate is to take AM RE forward to its next stage of development spreading underwriting expertise into other geographic areas and Specialty disciplines on a worldwide stage.


Simon’s career in the insurance/reinsurance industry spans over 40 years.  His background is non- life property and casualty insurance/reinsurance with a specialty in marine and offshore energy.


Simon was trained at Lloyd's of London and was appointed Managing Director of Barder & Marsh Underwriting Agency and the Active Underwriter of Syndicates 633 & 1317.  Barder & Marsh was a highly successful composite managing agency underwriting all insurance classes and employing 150 people with an annual premium volume of USD 500m.  In 1997,the Agency and syndicates were sold to Commercial & General Union.


After transitioning to reinsurance with Gen Re in Cologne, Germany and a period with Gerling Global in London, as the Senior Marine & Offshore Business Unit Manager, Simon formed the reinsurance MGA, Marine Re, with his wife, Shevawn Barder in 2000.

In 2000, the Barders’ formed Marine Re based at Lloyd’s of London.  In 2001, the Barders’ moved their business to Toronto, Canada, where they focused on creating a North American Managing General Underwriter specializing in marine reinsurance. Marine Re grew profitably year on year, with a selection of A+ security including:  Lloyd’s of London,  Scor Reinsurance Co. and Toa Reinsurance Co.


Ironshore acquired Marine Re in 2008.  At that time, the Barders’ were engaged by Ironshore, to transition Marine Re into a marine reinsurance division of the company, in Charlotte, NC.  The Barders’ successfully grew and diversified the Marine Re division during their tenure with Ironshore.  The Marine Re divison was the only division within Ironshore to expand their security utilization with additional Corporate capacity from Lloyd’s of London, which doubled the Marine Re divisions’ underwriting capacity.  The Barders’ expanded the lines of business underwritten incorporating Direct Marine insurance, Offshore Energy reinsurance and Inland Marine reinsurance into their division’s portfolio.  The Marine Re division was the only fee earning, self funding division in Ironshore that had a nil cost base.  The Barders’ were responsible for all reinsurance program placement to protect the divisions premium income ($100,000,000 2012).


Simon & Shevawn’s reinsurance expertise has evolved from their international careers which have spanned the global insurance/reinsurance markets of London, Cologne, Germany, Toronto, Canada, Charlotte, NC and New York with over 65 years of combined experience. Their unique management approach has successfully guided a small reinsurance MGA from start up to over $100m of premium income, underwritten with a high level of profitability and a client list of recognized international insurance companies.